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Category: 13 Week Transformation

The 13-Week Transformation (13WT) is an attempt to provide a larger picture perspective to all stakeholders in the publishing pipeline, with an emphasis on copyediting and copyeditors. While introducing the various stages, the 13WT series outlines the opportunities in the editorial department. It doesn't just stop there; it prepares an aspiring copyeditor for a fruitful career in the editorial.

Over 13 weeks, usually the training period for aspiring copyeditors in the typesetting industry, the aspiring copyeditor will be introduced to a variety of aspects related to publishing. Started as an idea for a daily newsletter for aspiring language editors who undergo my training, this series has evolved into a specialist blog, with the future plan of becoming a free course by Editor's Essentials.

As this series is designed to offer a bird's eye view, the articles are introductory in nature and you are expected to further explore topics that interest you.